Hi All,

Ever wondered why you don’t get good marks after all the notes making, assignments and  the hard work? Do you feel like you have put in soooooo much effort and still don’t get good results and others are doing much better than you when they are not even  putting in half the effort you put in? Are you embarrassed to tell how much you study because you are afraid of being judged for being not smart? OR are you the missing out on life because you have way too much to study and you feel like you have no life outside your textbooks?


If you  can relate to any of these, you are at the right place and there is a way out for your to shine. Trust me when I this, I have been there and I know exactly how it feels which is why  I want you to give a pat on your back for taking the first step to get out of that not so cool “Its not my fault ” zone and making the effort to accept and learn, what could be going wrong and trust me there is something that you are not doing properly. The good news is its easily fixable. Well before we get into this details let me warn you, if you are not serious at all and do not feel like studying at all, this is probably not for you, on the flip side if you are willing to work hard but just don’t know how to do it like a pro, this is exactly where you should have been years ago. So now no wasting time, lets jump into the awesomeness.

This blog is a brief guide map for you so that you can finally understand what is that you are not doing well and fix it and above all …,lalala… have the luxury to study at your pace and still be able to get that A+ on your grade sheet. Not convinced?? Don’t worry even I didn’t know it could be possible until I did it myself.

I have had a pretty unstable academic life, sometimes I was doing so well that people wondered how I did it and sometime I was struggling to even pass my papers. My entire school life this I continued being like this.. awesome.. awful.. awesome.. awful.. awesome.. awesome.. awful.. I never understood what I was doing wrong and I was scoring well only when I was studying like crazy, well there is noting wrong in studying like crazy except that you will not have any life and know nothing beyond your textbooks, and if you are not that ‘I will do anything and everything just to get good marks‘ kinda student you not going to put in your best efforts for all the subjects, this was my major problem, If I loved a subject I would study it well, if not ahh.. not study it well or hardly study or even worse sometimes give up and not study it at all. Now when I look back I know what and how I could have done things better and get great results regardless of what I felt about a particular subject or a topic.

So lets find out what you could be doing doing wrong:

  1. Studying the same subject or topic for long hour.
  2. Studying everything and anything.
  3. Not having a strategy.
  4. Competing with the wrong person.
  5. Studying only for marks.
  6. writing more than what is required in the papers.
  7. Having no hope.
  8. Not sleeping before exams.
  9. Studying in the same school.

If you are not doing any of these and still not getting results, do not worry I can help you identify your issue. Book a FREE 30 minutes session with me, to identify what is that you are not doing well, I am sure we will find out exactly what it is. Go to my website, http://www.swathihariharan.com and drop me a mail.

I hope this was helpful and you discovered where you are going wrong, if so I urge you to take action and fix whatever it is  and proceed towards success. In my next blog you will learn how to fix each of these. So see you soon.